Roman Blinds

Why Choose Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are potentially the next big thing in the blinds industry. They are becoming more popular than roller blinds because the fabric offers a luxurious feel to any room. Roman blinds come in a vast range of textures, colours and patterns meaning there is a roman blind for every room in the house and every possible situation. So what ever your requirements, there is a fabric available to compliment your home décor perfectly.

Roman blinds can be fitted inside or outside the window recess depending on the finish you want to achive. They are also good for bay windows because you can use multiple drops to achive a curving window effect.

There are new roman blinds systems available that mean you no longer have to have a cord and pleat to control the blind, a chain makes it much easier to operate and gives the operator increased control over the height adjustment.

If you are looking for increased warmth and better heat retention a lining material can be used on the back of the blind this also ensures that the colours and patterns on the front of the fabric do not fade in the sunlight.

Pros – Roman Blinds
  • Luxurious
  • Large choice of colours and fabrics
  • You can buy lengths of the fabric for cushion covers, etc.
  • Deluxe system makes a Roman blind easy to operate
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